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You Simply Cannot Make Mistakes

I heard this quoted from Pastor Lon Solomon who was also quoting a song in one of his, Not a Sermon, Just a Thought radio messages. It rings true in our daily professional careers, and never more than this morning. … Continue reading

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First Time Dad

Those who know me, know that my wife and I are expecting our first child in June. Having only been married for about 8 months now, you could say life has been one big exciting event after another these passed … Continue reading

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Cell Phones

All, I am an iPhone 3G user and I love my phone. Granted I do drop calls, just like I did all the time with Sprint (previously a customer for four years before I got my iphone for my birthday). … Continue reading

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Jack Handy#134

#134 Sometimes a question is not only a quest for knowledge, but an opportunity for another to express there’s.  This usually comes in handy (no pun intended) when your roommate calls you in the middle of a meeting saying, “Guess … Continue reading

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