You Simply Cannot Make Mistakes

I heard this quoted from Pastor Lon Solomon who was also quoting a song in one of his, Not a Sermon, Just a Thought radio messages. It rings true in our daily professional careers, and never more than this morning. I had a call with a potential new team lead, and I was 45 minutes late! Although, he was very understanding and played it off well, it doesn’t look good at all. After three years of working in this professional fast-paced business of government contracting, you really can’t make mistakes like this. Reputation is all you really have when you don’t have the technical expertise to sell yourself onto another project, and at any moment, it can be tarnished. The saying, “Time is Money,” is true on almost every level. If you’re getting paid to do a job, or taking time away from that job, you’re either gaining or losing something. Nobody wants to be on the latter end of losing $$. In the print industry they put it this way, “You’re only as good as your last design.”  With that said, keep up the good work.


About Wallerus

My name is Sam and I'm not a writer. Between kids and work, and I like to take pictures, disc golf, concerts/shows, play music, and just be outside.
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