Too Much Caffeine

Good morning, been driving for about 4.5 hours now. Took the first leg and four hours and 2 energy drinks later, I’m too awake to sleep. (sorry for the run on sentence) I think truck stops and travel stations (I.e Sheetz, Pilot, Valero) make a killing of us caffeine addicts. Every time I hit one up, it’s always two for $4. Now I can’t see how that’s a “deal.” I mean you need to pound one and start the other quick to even have two cold drinks. I always need one to start and one halfway through, then I’m set. Back to my point about truck stops and caffeine. I personally love both and I just can’t resist stopping at a truck stop and getting some tasty, disgusting (for what it does to my insides) convenient store food. Likewise, I feel a need to buy energy drinks every chance I get. So these long road trips and canned “promised” energy will be the standard in my car. I just regret it every morning when I’m so juiced my eyes can’t shut!


About Wallerus

My name is Sam and I'm not a writer. Between kids and work, and I like to take pictures, disc golf, concerts/shows, play music, and just be outside.
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