Procrastination is not a good thing, but I can’t say it’s “never” a good thing. Although many minds are different and thought processes are faster with some than others, sometimes we just need to get out all the “junk” ahead of time. I have come to a very strong realization, my best stuff comes to me when the time is running out. Don’t ask me how or why, but I can say it’s not because I choose to do things at the last minute. Sure you will hear, procrastination will screw you in the end. I can agree with this statement on many levels, but it’s not always a detriment to wait it out. The only things I have really missed out on are events with friends, sleep, and sanity; all of which I finally retrieved weeks afterwards. To recap, keep doing what works best for you, or what keeps your job. For those who like to work in a 48 hour time slot, there is an iPhone App called “Tomorrow,” or “Do it Tomorrow.” It’s a simple note-taker scheduler where you can easily put things off until tomorrow. Great for taking notes, and for sub-consciously giving yourself an extra day to do something.


About Wallerus

My name is Sam and I'm not a writer. Between kids and work, and I like to take pictures, disc golf, concerts/shows, play music, and just be outside.
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